Planning Project Individual Progress Report

For our project so far we made a Instagram page. All of us were assigned individual information to find. All of our information is about work life balance. We had different topics about work life balance. My question was  should a person base their career choice on the money that they make or on what they enjoy? 

I wrote about how you should do a job you enjoy because you will regret it later if you dont. Our group has difficulty with communication, we need to tell each other what we are doing and organize it properly. what i found interesting so far was that more people choose careers that they dont enjoy and regret it later.

We are mostly going to work on our Instagram page and add our information to it and make it look good. We are working on our hashtag and getting more people from our school to follow our page.

My goals for the project are to use teamwork and finish our project completely on time so that we get a good mark. Overall I think our group is good but just needs to work on our communication skills so we can get work done.


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